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A couple months ago we bought a shark egg.

We didn’t have the best luck, but we shared this video with you a couple weeks ago when it was just a wee little lad.

Well he is all grown up now.

Granted, it is not the best video.

But you can see that he is quickly outgrowing his mancave.Which means….baby shark should be making an appearance soon.We have read that shortly before hatching you can find a hole in the egg where the shark has rubbed it’s nose.  No hole yet, but we have our eyes glued to this egg. 

The next part will be the hardest.  It is very difficult to get them to start eating, which we have heard can take up to two weeks.  Obviously this is the time for constant monitoring, I may just quit my job so I can shark-sit.  Oh that’s not okay?  Shoot.  Well, I will be a ball of nerves I am sure. 

And even with all the fish catastrophes we have had after I blog about them, I think baby shark will be an exception. Lots of photo shoots in this guy’s future.

Written by Christina and Tim

It’s my boytoy’s birthday….and he will cry if he wants to. Hey old man I’ll save all the sappiness for his celebration tonight.

But you all feel free to show him some birthday lovin.

 sweet card

Written by Christina and Tim

So a few years ago, one of my best friends got me a book.
I liked it, and I read it….but it just kind of sat on my desk.

Mocking me.

The book is “Every Monday Matters” and it gives you an assignment each Monday to help enhance your life.  I always wanted to jump right in, but I never actually did.  You know how that story goes, right?

This year, I decided, is the year.

Tim and I started last week with the first Monday, the assignment was to make a list of the most important things in your life.  As I was making my list I thought, why not share this with all of my friends?  So if you would like to join us….you can find the book at most stores and online.

It is chock full of interesting facts and mind-blowing statistics that get your brain gears grinding.  Did you know that the average person spends 100 hours a year commuting to work compared to 80 hours of vacation time, which is why we need someone to get on that who time-travel thing.

I will also be posting the weekly challenge right here for anyone that wants to get down on the challenge with us.

Or tell us how hard this week is going to be. this monday matters “Instead of watching reruns of Friends….go make some”

We would love to be ambitious and say we are giving up TV for the entire week, but let’s be honest here.  Tim and I often have the TV on for background noise when we are working.  We always eat dinner over the coffee table while couching it up to Law and Order (which we vow will change when there are kiddos cobbing onto our mac and cheese).  We even leave the TV on while we sleep.  That’s my fault because I can’t turn my brain off…did I do the dishes, what do I have to do tomorrow, how many calories were in that triple-chocolate-devil-creamy-mocha-cheesecake, I should work out more, that Gillian Flynn sure can write, yada yada yada.

So today, we are tuning out.
All TV’s will stay off and instead we will talk to each other….wish us luck.

Kidding obviously, but maybe we will like it so much that we will sell all our TV’s.

Have you ever gone without TV?
Think we can manage a whole day without Honey Boo Boo?
Will you be joining us?

Written by Christina and Tim

Hey, hey, hey…how was that first full week back?
Pretty terrible huh…this oughta make you feel better.

I have to work tomorrow, good old end-of-year Accounting.
Excuse me while I throw a pity party.

Now for some pick-me-ups. lovely little details

I am pretty much in love with the above photo that my darling Jacin posted on her site Lovely Little Details.  I would move heaven and earth for her to move to the Lou and become my BFF.

What a good reminder as we enter this new year to focus on all the positive that lies ahead of you.  C’mon get happy. tatted up I am ordering a whole gaggle of temporary tattoos from so that I fake coolness.  I have been begging Tim to go get another tattoo with me but he says these will have to do for now.  I’m not mad about, now I can sport real gangster tats without the whole “explanation to your grandkiddies” thing. beautiful mess Can everyone please shoot ingredient pictures from now on?  The girls at A Beautiful Mess have been delving into smoothie making and they are always taking pictures like this making me all hangry all the time.  I wish they would move in with us and make me smoothies every day. design sponge Because isn’t it “that” time of year…yea yea I guess so.  At least you can find lots of creative ways to make the most of it and get your house as squeaky clean as Katie Holmes in her Dawson days.

Did you find anything super neat on the web this week?
Please share.

Written by Christina and Tim

So for some reason I just want to tell you all stuff.
Stuff that doesn’t make sense together.

Stuff that has been on my mind.

Let her rip.

–  Is anyone else so ready for more daylight?  I can’t imagine how Ana White does it in Alaska.  If you’ve noticed a lacking of projects around these parts it’s not because we just gave up on our house…I just haven’t mastered artificial light.  Have you seen these yet?  In other news….I am as pasty as Elmers.

–  You know how people are afraid of spiders and snakes?  I am totally freaked by worms and deer.  I hit a deer once and have been terrified to drive at night ever since…see number one…aha moment.  Deer are popping up everywhere and sending me into full fledged panic attacks….you know the kind where you curl up in the fetal position and crave Cheetos.  Worms give me the heebie-jeebies, one of my cousins friends used to throw them at me when I was a youngster.  Can we say scarred for life, thanks dude.  Last night there was a girl on tv who eats worms…I don’t judge but what-the-what.

–  Have you ever read a book that rocked you to your core?  I don;t exercise my core so that could be the problem but  I recently read the book One Second After, and had an awakening that T and I are completely unprepared for any type of disaster.  Luckily, being reef keepers and all we are pretty well set with water and sushi.  Kidding of course….but if it hits the fan Hotel Gray will be open for business.

–  I am trying to go a whole year without soda.  You read that right….a whole year.  You need to know though that I typically drink about 4 sodas a day, and if we go out to eat you can double that.  I also have a strong disdain for coffee and tea so it is my only source of caffeine.  Can you imagine how cranky I am….poor boytoy.  Plus side, I am down five pounds.

–  I found out last night that I am allergic to pears….on top of cherries and apples.  It’s a sad, sad day.  Guess I’m sticking with broccoli.

–  The “rapper” Drake will always be the boy who took a bullet on Degrassi to me.  I get that you took a bullet, but I still will never see you as gangster.  YOLO.

–  Tim bought a gigantic bag of walnuts on Christmas….he has yet to eat them.  You wanna know why?  Because he can’t find a nutcracker….so I bought him one.  He still has yet to touch the nuts or the nut cracker.  I wrote that whole story just so I could say “touch the nuts” and I am sorry mom.

–  Remember watching Wayne’s World when you were knee-high to a you know….if you haven’t watched it since then you need to bust that VHS out.  It is so much funnier now that you actually get the jokes.  Party on Wayne.

–  Tim’s birthday is next Tuesday….I am not prepared.

–  I love getting comments.

Reread that last one and hook a sister up!
They make me as giddy as Mr. Ed.
Giddy-up now. eat yo nuts


Written by Christina and Tim

Maybe it’s because I just watched Pitch Perfect, or maybe I’m just a sucker for a capella.  Or possibly I just wanted an excuse to listen to some T. Swift without my boyfran-man fussing.  Hint:  It’s all of the above.

I feel like you absolutely need to see this.
Try not to sing along….go ahead try.

You’ve been challenged.

Even if you don’t like the original song, just veg out for the next couple minutes.
Then daydream about starting a band….I’ll be in it with you.

We could be famous.

If you think that is “kinda neato” you should she what they can do with instruments. The kids from Walk off the Earth are seriously skilled.
A warning:  once you start you might as well consider yourself in marathon territory.  It is a serious time-sucker. They cover everything from the Beatles to Lady Gaga, and here is the time-consuming part….you watch every video completely because they are always throwing in surprises.  Like “ohhhh I had so idea he could play the standing bass” “is that the same person” and “wait when did they switch places” oh and let’s not forget “where did that flying ukulele come from”.  Consider yourself warned. Here is the video that is making them famous.The best news is…they are finally releasing original videos.
And they are just as good. I’ll leave you with the best multi-tasking I have seen all year.Is anyone else as jealous of all this talent as I am?

Written by Christina and Tim