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We told you yesterday about our adventure in the World’s Fair wing at the Missouri History Museum.

Now we are going to give you a little more Missouri History. intro If there is one thing I can say put St. Louis on the map….it would be beer. brewing This is a beer biased town for sure.  Home of the Busch family and Budweiser Brewing.  We do our part to keep the Buschs in business.

Almost as prominent as our brewing history is our sports history.
So it is no wonder that these two things made several appearances throughout the Missouri History Museum. sports Tim’s favorite part of the museum was the War memorabilia, we spent a lot of time looking though the old posters and uniforms and Tim got to tell me all sorts of stories of his grandfather being a prisoner of war. wartime

My favorite part of the whole place was finding out that Missouri voted YES to putting an aquarium in Forest Park.  Holler. aquarium I have a new life plan….open aquarium in St. Louis.

Oh yea, I also quite enjoyed face time with my honey.  Oh and trying to figure out how I wound up on a random TV screen and where on earth the hidden camera was lurking.  Only slightly creepy. consusion nailed it We also learned a thing or two…especially about the big St. Louis fire. fire Even though I’ve hung out with Chuck Berry at the casino before, it was still neat to see him and all of his famous St. Louis Blues buddies  (not of the puck and stick variety, but go Blues). blues

And how adorable is this pink kitchen?
Parts of the museum were like walking back in time. ummmmm I think that Tim and I actually learned a whole lot about this great city of ours. random tidbits Look at my boyfran-man…so excited to get a view of the car…just making sure all the windows are still there.

Did you know Andy Cohen is from Missouri, and Sheryl Crow, and Mark Twain, and John Goodman, and Brad Pitt, and Dick Van Dyke, and one of those house wives girls….I think her name is Alexis.

Have you ever been to St. Louis?  Do you live here and know of a secret spot of awesomeness?  Where are the hot spots in your town?

Written by Christina and Tim

As often as we can, Tim & I like to go out and enjoy our hometown.

You may remember our trip to the Botanical Gardens for the Lantern Festival.

With the weather turning colder and the Holiday madness winding down, we were finally able to squeeze in another adventure.  The Missouri History museum is in Forest Park and neither one of us had been since a third grade field trip. intro The History Museum has six wings, four of them are free and since you know I took an overload of photos I decided to break them into smaller posts.  The first wing we visited was the World’s Fair wing which was my favorite area of the museum.  It was so full of history and enlightened me to so much that I didn’t know.  The geography of St. Louis was totally different in 1904 and it was fascinating to look at the maps.  ridin durty I knew that the St. Louis World’s Fair was where the ice cream cone was invented, but I didn’t know it spanned 1271 acres.  Or that it ran for 187 days and most of the buildings were built just for the fair.  Or that there were elephants…..who brought those?

And how exactly did we let people in the Philippines know that we were having a Fair in St. Louis in 1904…and how did they bring the elephants?  Someone please find the invitation for me.

As silly as it sounds, I never actually thought about the Worlds Fair.  Or that people from all over the WORLD would be there….hence the name.  I just always assumed it was like your local fair, with a few more people.  Apparently “a few” is actually 20,066,537.

artifacts Timothy’s mom collects silver…so I told Tim he needs to sneak in and “borrow” all of those spoons next Christmas.  He declined saying something about morals or something, I think he is just chicken.  Bawk Bawk.

I was intrigued by all the history and culture and learning there was to take in.

Being an Accountant, I was most excited about the cost of going to the Fair.  I wonder what those gold coins are worth these days.

Did y’all do anything fun this weekend?  I beat Tim in gin rummy 5 times in a row.  You read that right…five times…in a row.

We live an exciting life around these parts…museums and gin rummy.

Written by Christina and Tim

Happy Monday to you….are you ready to make this week better?

I can help.

So a couple of weeks ago I was talking with my old college roommate and she clued me in on Epsom bath soaks.  The girl is nine months pregnant and not even a pinky finger is swollen.  I felt like her argument had some merit.

Before I dove into the Epsom bath, I did a little research.
Be ready for some shocking facts. this aint no system of a down song here source

So this Monday….instead of saving the world.
I think you should pamper yourself. monday matter3 Go spend the $3 on a bag of Epsom salt and jump right into those healing waters tonight.  Relax and let the magic do it’s thing.

Some of the tips I have read online are:

– Don’t eat before or after
– Your pores will be open so avoid soaps
– Rinse with a cool shower afterwards
-Soak as much of your body as possible
– You may be light-headed, so get up slowly
– Put Ingrid Michaelson on Pandora
– Hotter the water the better

Have you ever soaked in Epsom Salt?  Am I totally behind on this?  I remember soaking sprained ankles, but when did it turn into spa day?

Written by Christina and Tim

Hey hey hey…we made it a whole ‘nother week!

Hope you had the best week ever and are looking forward to a relaxing weekend.  It seems like most of my blogsphere is in Hawaii this week, I suppose I missed the memo but boy I wish I hadn’t.  I could totally use some sun, sand, and drinks in a little coconut…maybe a little steel drum or something. a beautiful mess

Ok now that I am off in the tropics somewhere I will share with you some of the most fun projects I wish I were doing this weekend.How adorable are these cardboard boxes that they made over at A Beautiful Mess.  Can I get them life-sized please?  Imagine the decorating possibilities….wrapping paper and washi tape and a new front door every other day.  design mom Can you even imagine the size of poster you would need if you took a picture of everything you owned.  I know mine personally would be miles long and that would be too tedious of a task to ever take on (say that five times fast).  With the new year recently rung…aren’t we all trying to simplify.  Maybe this lesson from Design Mom would be a great kick-start. yhl I know you aren’t going to believe me when I tell you this….but John and Sherry made those poster frames for $7 a pop.  They are so much cooler than the poster frames you buy at Walmart, amirite?

Do you have any fun projects planned for the weekend?

Written by Christina and Tim

A day late and many dollars short thanks to someone’s birthday.

We are back again with our favorite things. HERS 1.  Who forgot to give me the memo on wontons?  Seriously….I found some frozen ones on sale and have been addicted ever since.

2.  Ohhh Armani Code, I just want to thank you for all of the compliments I get.  I can’t even describe the smell other than to say it is very unique and not too sweet.  Plus it gets Tim’s smelling sensors going into overdrive….he’s like a honeybee and I am that giant-sweet-smelling hive.

3.  My friend Simone introduced me to the Fit Bit brand and now I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Flex.  It tracks your steps, calories burned, even your sleep.  I am buying it with the excuse that I need it to keep my resolutions alive.

4.  You probably already know the Mint Green is coming on strong in the fashion department.  This is my favorite nailpolish right now so you can just call me trendy….or something.

5.  Does anyone remember Susan Powter?  Okay, so she may be a little crazy….or a little more than a little.  She is still the only one who keeps me motivated to work out.  Even if I have to stomp around to a VHS.

6.  Here is where I declare my love for the blog A Beautiful Mess.  From good eats to cute clothes to crafty projects the girls have a lot to offer, and the photos are gorgeous.  I get lost in their beautiful web for hours upon hours. his 1.  Lately our big dog has decided it was a great idea to bark.  After eleven years of being a non-barker, we now have a noise maker.  I blame the little dog.  To keep them both in line we bought a PetSafe bark controller.  I call it our magic machine these days.

2.  For my birthday Christina took me to the Melting Pot, it has become “our spot” for special occasions.  We love the Boston Lager Cheese Fondue and the Gorgonzola Port on a great steak.  Plus I get to cook it just how I like it, raw.  Christina said I have to mention the salad, something about God coming down and making it himself.

3.  If you follow us, then you know any day now we are expecting a baby shark.  I am pumped.

4.  Say hello to my new favorite snack.  I munch on these all night because they keep me full and cure my salty-sweet craving.  Too bad I go through a whole jar a night, I wish I were kidding.

5.  We have been working feverishly on organizing the basements and these shelves have been a life saver.  They are adjustable and only took about an hour to fully assemble.  Some of our other shelves take all day to put together and they aren’t very sturdy.  Feels good to give everything a home.

Written by Christina and Tim