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Dead Coral Decor....

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I have said it before and I will say it again, in this hobby….stuff dies.  Most people don’t like to talk about it or admit that they lose things because typically the next thought is… don’t know what you are doing.

But everyone loses fish and corals.  Truth.

You have to be prepared to shell out hundreds of hard-earned dollars to watch stuff get eaten, or keel over for no good reason.

All you can do is test your water and do some research to find out what might have gone wrong.  And sometimes, things can live happily in our tank for a long, long time and then poof….they are dead.

Remember this little guy from here?

saltwater tank, corals, bright

Well, he has met an unfortunate end.

Poor unfortunate soul….name that movie.

Fortunately for us….decorating with coral is like so hot right now.

Coral trend photo found here.

At least that’s what all the home decor magazines tell me.

And I believe them.

So this little guy is finding his way to my desk.  I am going to call myself trendy and hip.  Then I’ll look at him and be sad because I will remember what once was.


Written by Christina and Tim

Recently, I was asked to join the United Way committee for my employer.

Of course, I took on the flyers.  Which were due at month end (accountants know whats up with it) the day before we left for our two-week vacation.  It’s fine, I work best under pressure.

Wanna know what I realized whilest working on said flyers?

I like fonts.

And I like them….a lot.  Here are some of my favorites.

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The best part is you can search every single one of those fonts at and get them for yourself.

Amendment:  When I posted this I thought I downloaded them all from…it appears some aren’t there anymore.  Click the links below for the missing fonts.  Lainie Day, Sail, Rosewood, Modern No. 20, American Typewriter, and Simply Glamorous.  Please let me know if anymore go missing….love you, mean it!  No seriously, I mean it.

So you wanna see what I did with these spicy fonts?  I took our normal clip art posters and made these….


I am by no means a graphic designer.  But I will say I think these flyers are an upgrade and I am excited about it!

If you didn’t notice, most of the flyers are very text heavy.  Choosing the right fonts made the poster more artistic than informational, and hopefully more people will take a look and get involved.  Fingers crossed.

What about you all, got a favorite font I should know about?

Written by Christina and Tim

How we got addicted....

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We like to think of saltwater tanks as our healthy addiction.

Some of you have wondered how the heck we got into this hobby, well here is your answer.

We have both had fishies in our lives since we were knee-high to a grasshopper.  In fact, I once had a Goldfish…yes a Goldfish….that lived for four years.  Which is a peculiarly long lifespan for a Goldfish, just call me the fish-whisperer.  We both had our share of Betas, and we both had freshwater fish tanks that we were mesmerized by as kiddos.

When I met T, he had a 125 gallon freshwater tank.

Once we started dating, Tim started mentioning that he wanted to get into saltwater aquariums.  Me, wanting to be the supportive gal that he would want to marry eventually, told him that was a great idea.  In fact, it became a huge conversation piece.

I talked him into DIY’ing a stand…

…and he called me yelling about the live rock that “was dying” as we spoke because it got delivered while he wasn’t home.

It didn’t die…drama queen…so then he sent me pictures of all the critters he found in the rock.

The first tank was basically our bonding.  On our first real date, he showed me his beautiful empty tank.

Then I helped him fill it.  One of our first dates happened to be to a fish store!

That is the first set of goodies we took home.  It was super exciting.

The tank was a sixty gallon, glass beauty with old metal halides and a canister filter. For our non-tank friends, that means it was pretty basic and not exactly easy to take care of.  However, saying we were obsessed is an understatement.

It doesn’t look like much to us now, but we used to stare at that tank for hours upon hours.

This is the first video I ever took of the tank, and even though today it looks sad and empty to us….at the time I thought it looked amazing with the five corals and few fish we had.

We learned so much with that tank, but the main lesson….we needed a bigger tank!
We started the 60 gallon in July of 2011 and bought the 210 gallon in December 2011.  Yea, fast movers fo’ sho. 
After we got the big tank, the little one didn’t get as much attention.  Mainly because it was a lot more work to take care of, so in the Spring of 2012 we actually bid our first saltwater tank farewell.  She was a good first tank and we will remember her fondly.
So it wasn’t exactly a show tank, but it spawned our crazy addiction so we have to be thankful for that little skunk of a tank.

Written by Christina and Tim